Counselling for professionals in the creative industries

In today’s world of work, there is more and more talk of creativity as one of the most valuable qualities of an employee. However, if being creative is an everyday work, both the concept of work and the concept of creativity will have a much more diverse meaning. In the creative industries, a person’s identity is very much intertwined with work, and possible job satisfaction often hides in much more complex patterns than just self-realisation.

Once I had become a career counsellor and coach, I soon began to work more closely with people from cultural field again. It has led me to supplement my counselling techniques with knowledge of psychology of creativity, which helps to support those work situations that are located in an ever-changing border area between the personal and the public.

Some more common topics for counselling:

  • creative fatigue and burnout;
  • coping with criticism and rejection;
  • how to keep creativity?
  • how to support self-belief?
  • how do personal characteristics affect the nature of creativity?
  • tensions between collective and personal creation;
  • creative routine;
  • searching for new creative challenges;
  • better knowledge of professional development opportunities, the surrounding cultural field and support opportunities.

In connection with counselling, it is also possible to take psychological tests (Personality Inventory, Mental Ability Scale and Vocational Interests Inventory).

Time and place

One counseling session lasts up to 1.5 hours and can be conducted boths as a face-to-face meeting or as virtual meetings.


The price of one counselling session depends on very different circumstances (one-time meeting vs. a longer counseling cycle; testing; benefits based on employment or membership in a creative association, etc.), ranging from 50 to 100 euros. We will agree on the exact price and schedule in the communication prior to the session.