Group counselling and trainings

Larini² Counselling provides training and group counselling. It is possible to participate in ready-made trainings as well as to negotiate with the counsellor a program based on specific needs and time frames.

Possible topics of custom trainings:

  • different methods of career planning;
  • coping with changes in working life;
  • career change;
  • supporting team cooperation based on the employees’ individual characteristics;
  • creating a personal organisational culture;
  • career planning in creative environments;
  • cultural peculiarities of the Estonian labour market.

Selection of ready-made trainings:

How to find your way in a changing work landscape?

The world of work around us is changing. We ourselves are changing. Therefore, at some point we can find ourselves in a situation in which our chosen profession doesn’t seem to offer enough excitement, or in which the opportunities to do our usual work have become limited.

The course helps pariticipants to clairfy what is happening in the labour market and to find their own inner resources to shape a fulfilling work life.

During the course, you will find answers to questions through conversations, group work and individual thinking tasks: Where am I in my working life at the moment? What’s going on around me? Where do I want to go? What steps need to be taken to reach the desired goal?

The content of the course is:

  • psychological aspects and regularities of change,
  • changes in the labour market and future trends in the working landscape,
  • positioning yourself in the labour market: different methods for identifying one’s job aspirations and skills;
  • mapping the steps taken to achieve work objectives.

Once trained, the participant will:

  • have an understanding of the psychological dynamics of change situations and be able to navigate through its different phases,
  • possess practical labour market information: know what qualities and skills the modern labour market values, be informed about various opportunities for self-improvement,
  • be able to position herself/himself in the labour market: have practised various methods for mapping his/her current work situation; be aware of his / her professional wishes, inner resources and development options,
  • now how to plan specific steps to move towards personal work goals.

The course lasts 14 academic hours and it can be supplemented with an individual counseling session for each participant.

For newcomers to the Estonian labour market, an additional module about Estonian labour market and its cultural characteristics can be added to the training.

Business with personality

or How to be your own employer without conflict of values?

When setting up a small business, people often try to get familiar with the intricacies of accounting, the regularities of marketing, the economic environment and exemplary success stories. However, in the hustle and bustle of taking external factors into account, the creator of a company often forgets one’s own characteristics and values, and so it happens that (s)he suddenly finds himself or herself dissatisfied with the company (s)he has created. How to prevent this situation?

This course helps to map different aspects on which to base the creation of a personal company and supports its participants in identifying their traits and values and setting goals as entrepreneurs.

Topics covered in the course:

  • universality vs. uniqueness: different concepts of entrepreneurship;
  • identification of participants’ personal characteristics and core skills;
  • company positioning: objective and subjective variables;
  • kaleidoscope of values;
  • the inspiring and dangerous face of role models;
  • how do dreams and desires become goals and how to move towards them?

The course lasts 12 academic hours and can be supplemented by an individual counselling session for participants.

Career planning in creative environments

The course helps people working in creative fields to develop their skills for professional positioning in the surrounding cultural scene.

The course provides answers to the following round of questions:

  • What does career planning mean in creative fields?
  • How to achieve awareness of yourself and your desires?
  • What behavioural and organisational aspects need to be considered when planning a career?
  • How to reconcile your wishes and needs with the opportunities of the labour market?
  • How to make choices, plan time and avoid burnout?
  • How to adapt to change and find allies at different stages of working life?
  • What are the international career opportunities and cultural differences that should be taken into account in internationalisation?
  • How to compile a portfolio, application documents and prepare for interviews.

The course lasts 12 academic hours and can be supplemented by an individual counselling session for each participant.